What is the Robot Integration? This is the process of merging robot, peripheral devices and production lines in a system that functions as a whole.

A robot integrator is a company that takes a basic manufactured robot and customizes its memory, end effector, and tooling for the purposes of specialized applications such as arc welding and material handling.  Robotic integrators install existing robot systems as well as new projects.

Robotic integration is a main focus of automating manufacturing processes for today and in the future.  Automating using robot systems integration will increase efficiency, productivity and quality control.

For such tasks we need  knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Such activities can work mechatronics – robotics.

In Norway, one of the most developed countries in the world, just robotization is that that runs not only the economy but also frees man to work dangerous jobs.

Scientific research work in BiH is not satisfactory.  In the absence of material-technical and financial resources, and adequate working conditions shows that the scientific and applied research in crisis. To be intensified economic cooperation with the universities need to find a way to improve the scientific infrastructure of university research laboratories purchase new and modern research equipment.  People  from universities need to stimulate and commit to cooperation with companies and thus enable the academic community to be significant and organized involved in projects that benefit the entire society.

This is especially true of projects that transfer and development of new technologies – technologies twenty-first century, without which no successful our involvement in world economic trends.

For faster technological development, greater use of expert knowledge, especially information and communication technology, it is necessary to develop the process technology transfer and knowledge in highly developed industrial countries such as Norway, England, USA etc..

It’ll just find out through workshops and in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Norway.




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