In the building of the RS government 02/14/2011 at 9.30 began the Information day on FP7 project dedicated to Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and particularly for eight call.

Information day opened the new Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Jasmin Komić.

After an inspiring opening speech of the Minister in which he mentioned the need for involvement in European projects and his determination to make his contribution, began mid-morning session. After the Minister of Science and Technology following an introductory speech was given by Director of the Agency for the Information Society of  Republic of Srpska (AIDRS).

The Agency has actually technically organize INFO-DAY. In opening remarks the Director addressed the participants and wished to us success in work and hope that we will from this INFO-DAY get answers to some questions about the European projects.

After that we had the first lecture of Mr. Miroslav Radinković on “The development of ICT technologies in the Republic of Srpska.” Except that problems in the development of ICT technologies are highlighted, we got the insight on the current situation of ICT development technologies in the Republic of Srpska and the roll of AIDRS.

It was pointed out that there are a number of European projects, CIP, COST, EUREKA, FP7, IPA in which we need to participate and especially now when we pay to enter into these projects.

The next topic was held by Stefan Pascal from the European Commission on “The Importance of an FP7 projects.’’ We could hear from which types of the projects are consisting of FP7 call. Also we have find out where is Bosnia and Herzegovina in it. In front of us are the most of the countries of the region in the application of ICT technologies and participation in European projects. We were able to hear what are the main topics of interest to us in the FP7 project. I wrote some (health, low levels of pollution, sustainable production, digital resources, intelligent information, learning and e-learning and cultural resources).

The next topic was by Mr. Morten Moeller “Focus on the call 8”. Continued the theme of the subsets of European projects, the way of participation. I would note the possibility of sending the project at an early stage, with short description to the European Commission for the insight. It is explained to us the projects receiving system and the steps in the project realization. In one such article, it is hard to look back on all that it offered by one European project. I also noticed that the topics of projects are more difficult, especially for our country that does not apply either the ICT projects from the early calls.

However, we must start and capture the connection with Europe and through this kind of projects to achieve changes in all our affairs.




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