CEEPUS Hunedoara, Romania 2010

Hunedoara (Hunedoara rum., Hungarian. Vajdahunyad) is a city in Romania. It is located in the central part of the country, the historical province of Transylvania. Arad is the second major town of the district of Hunedoara. Deva is a capital city of branch Hunedoara.

Hunedoara according to the last census of 2002.  had 79,235 inhabitants.

City of Hunedoara is located in the extreme western part of the historical province of Transylvania, close to the Banat. Huneodara was educated as a mining center in the western Carpathian Mountains.

Known as the Corwin family castle rises in the area of a Roman castrum in central-south zone of Romania, in Hunedoara. In the 15th century, during the start of construction of the castle, Transylvania was under the Hungarian kingdom. Defensive towers, Gothic towers, notched end walls, movable bridges, these were innovations in military architecture of Transylvania that time. Head of the construction works of the castle was Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary and the son of Prince Iankova of Hunedoara.

Castle in Hunedoara is enriched with lounges and rooms of the princes who have settled in the later period. Castle served as a summer family Corwin, and later as the residence of the important noble families of Transylvania, until the 1724th has not been occupied by the Habsburgs and converted into a deposit of iron.This was the beginning of his decline, to further degradation was abandoned and unused until the final restoration and conversion into a museum. Today it contains art and archaeological collections, collections of military technology and ethnographic objects.

Region Huneodara besides castle Corwin family known as a rich historical and umtničkim monuments representing different time periods: Dacian, Roman, feudal and modern. Hunedoara today covers an area of the former Roman province of Dacia with the capital Sarmigetuzom, which was defended with 7 Dacian city-fortresses located in the mountains Orastie, dating from the first century BC. Among the monuments of the Romanian field stands the Church of Saint Nicholas with a temple in place Densus.

Castle: Hunyadi (Hunyad)-the most representative secular Gothic building in Transylvania (Transylvania)

It lived Hungarian Janos Hunyadi regent who is in serbs epic poems  as Sibinjanjin Janko.

Janos Hunyadi (Serbian Janko Sibinjanin, Hungarian. Hunyadi János, lat. Ioannes Corvinus) (rođen1387, died on August 11, 1456, Zemun) was Tamiška prefect, Severin ban, Duke of Transylvania (from 1441), captain of Belgrade (1444 – 1446) and governor (1446-1453) of the Kingdom of Hungary. Janos Hunyadi was the father of Matthias Corvinus, one of the most famous Hungarian kings.

Janos was born to a noble family of the 1387th and 1407th year (different sources give this information), the son Vojka (Vojko Voyk; Vajk; voice), grandson of Srb (in) a (Serb; Sorb; Anglais) Wallachian prince of Banata, in today’s Romanian Turnu Severin county (Hungarian: Szörény) . According to some sources, the mother is kumanskog origin. According to the theory of the 19thcentury Janošev Srb grandfather was originally from Serbia, [1] but this hypothesis is not confirmed by sources. It is known that the Srb had three sons – Vojka (Vojko), (Janoš father) [2], Magosa (Magos) and happy (Radol). There are sources on which it is claimed that Janos Vlach / Romanian origin. [3] [4]

Polytechnic University in Hunedoara, a part of the University of Timisoara. Established in 1970 for heavy metallurgy, which was one of the largest branch of the socialist era. Faculty followed all the changes in the industry and to this day. Right before their entry into the European Union, the faculty has been completely renovated. Faculty  currently located in five buildings, of which one is a Hostel for students and teachers.

The Faculty has everything a European School should have. At one location are:

  1. A large amphitheater for 350 people
  2. 20 laboratories with computers and other equipment
  3. About 1o classrooms with smart boards
  4. The capacity to be expanded and at present, 100 students
  5. Restaurant with a separate section for guests and professors
  6. Was completely covered with employed staff




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