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BANOROB: Bosnian–Norwegian research based innovation for development of new, environmental friendly, competitive robot technology for selected target groups

Short description

Western Balkan has important challenges regarding industrial growth and compliance to the working standards and regulative established by in the western part of Europe. To adapt to a modern, competitive, environment friendly industry in Western Balkan, high effort has to be put into the development of especially small and medium sized companies (SME).

The University of Banja Luka (UBL) offers highly qualified education within basic engineering courses, however, there is a missing link between the university and the industry causing that the industry in a limited extent is able to utilize sufficiently the people being graduated from the university. This unfortunately, causes a leak of highly qualified people to other European countries.

The BANOROB project is intended to establish a high level industrial related education within production engineering at University of Banja Luka. There will be a special focus on robotics and automation because this knowledge is essential in a long term perspective, but in addition, includes methodology which automatically leads to efficient companies even though manual work force is used as a first step.

BANOROB will transfer the knowledge from the Norwegian university models at Narvik University College and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, integrate it with the high industrial research competence at the high tech robotics company in Trondheim, PPM AS, and build an education program integrated with the basic study courses at University of Banja Luka. A part of this will be a study exchange program between the partners.

The cohesion in the BANOROB project is a virtual, joint laboratory where the partners can share laboratory resources between each other, and with other universities worldwide. This offers access to huge laboratory facilities with only needing to invest a limited amount of resources locally.





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