SPORT S3 Software

SPORTS3 –  New blood for old robots

SPORTS3 is a user friendly software package enhancing the user friendliness and safety of ABB S3 robot systems. SPORTS3 offers offline programming, multi-robot control and backup functionality directly from a standard personal computer with MS Windows. In other words; SPORTS3 provides today’s functionality even for your old  S3-robot!

Structured off-line programming

SPORTS3 organizes complete packages containing robot program, registers and parameters. These packages and projects are normally related to different applications and are stored on the personal computer under comprehensive names. Thus, switching to a new application is simply done by uploading a new project to the robot. Combining SPORTS3’s project structure with SPORTS3’s off-line programming functionality, safe and rapid change and set up of the robot are ensured.

Structured factory control

SPORTS3 has the ability to control multiple robots. Simply use the menu to create the connections to the different robots in your factory. SPORTS3 views a list of all the robots where the active robot can easily be selected. SPORTS3 can also be accessed via internet using a remote computer. This enables the possibility for remote controlling and monitoring of your robots e.g.. from your home computer hence simplifying 24 hours continuous production

Structured disaster recovery

Why administrate diskettes with backups of your robot programs and system configuration? Why lose sleep over the fear of your diskette crashing? And why hunt high and low

for old 720kb diskettes? SPORTS3 includes facilities both for

complete system backup and backup of selected components. Recurrent backups can be run automatically.

The backup files or components stored on the PC can easily

be uploaded to the robot by SPORTS3’s restore functionality.

Structured HELP

SPORTS3 offers comprehensive help for installing and using the software. In addition,  syntax of the ARLA language plus

a complete overview of the error messages from the S3 controller are included saving you from carrying heavy paper manuals.

A scalable solution

SPORTS3 is a scalable concept available in three versions; SPORTS3 Demo is a free demo version for evaluation of the software. The serial port interface is closed, limiting SPORTS3 Demo to offline use. SPORTS3 Backup contains the functionality for full and partly (selectable) backup of the S3 robot system including recurrent backups. SPORTS3 includes all the off-line functionality, syntax check and file editing in addition to the backup functionality.




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