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Trondheim – the city with highest IQ per square meter!


PPM AS is located in Trondheim in the middle of Norway. Trondheim, or Nidaros as it used to be called, was the first capital of Norway. The Sagas tell us how King Olav Tryggvason of Viking fame founded the city by the mouth of the river Nidelva in 997.

Situated in central Norway, Trondheim is easily accessible whatever your choice of transportation. By plane you will land at Trondheim is modern airport at Varnes located 500m from Hell about 35 km from the city. From Varnes there are frequent flights to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London etc. in addition to locations all over Norway. To Oslo, there are normally 1-2 flights per hour.

If you come by train you can relax and look at the unique Norwegian countryside. If you are coming from the south, you can drive through the majestic Dovre Mountains. Another special way to visit Trondheim is by the coastal steamer which will give you a chance to experience Norway as special and beautiful coast. (Source: Trondheim as Official Web site)

How to visit us?

Our office is located in Leirfossveien 27 close to the main highway, E6. Leirfossveien 27From the airport, there is an Airport bus available bringing you to the city.

To go to our office, it is better to take a taxi. Please call Trondertaxi in advance (phone +47 93007373), wait for the operator, and ask for an Airport-taxi. The operator will ask about your flight details to know when to pick you up at the airport.

Anyway, the easiest way to get here is to give us a call, and we will try to arrange the best way of communication.

Some of our customers

PPM AS have been involved in several projects with national and international companies within mechanical industry, foundries and the furniture industry. Some of these are General Electric, Aker Kv�rner, Rolls Royce, ABB, Alcoa, Hjellegjerde, Teeness and Audi.


PPM AS is always aiming at developing a long-term, sustainable collaboration.


PPM AS has specialized on robotizising of small series production. Through this, we have developed high competence within flexible grippers.

PPM offers special grippers according to the flexibility need of the customer.

If you want further discussions about grippers, please contact us. Together we’ll find the optimal solution!

Second-hand robots

PPM AS imports and resells second-hand robots. The robots go through PPM’s Quality Checks before becoming available for resale.

Why use second-hand robots?

The increased performance of the newest robots is not required in many applications, and a second hand robot will often be more cost optimal. Please, check the performance of our robots for your new applications. There’s a good chance for money saving.

Please, take a look at the list below to see our current stock of robots. If you don’t find the robot you are looking for, please contact us, and we will try to help you through our network.

Standard- or customized solutions? Both, thank you!

Grinding Controller

PPM provides both standard equipment and customized equipment for robot systems. During an integrated cooperation with our customers, the solutions are developed fast and cost efficient.

PPM holds

  • High competence within a range of robot applications
  • Special competence on adaptive robot solutions with external sensors
  • Network to competent sub suppliers competence within special areas
  • Network to vendors of used robots
  • Network to R & D institutes with expertise within several areas


PPM offers

  • Mechanical design of grippers, tools, fixtures etc.
  • Development of customized embedded harware- / software solutions
  • Development of customized PC-based software systems for increasing the user friendliness, flexibility and efficiency of the robot system
  • Feeding- and orientation systems for components
  • Operator panels / teach pendants for special applications
  • Flexible fixtures
  • Spindles and tools for grinding and deburring

Using our knowledge, our customers are able to get highly flexible and efficient robot systems even when using earlier generations of robots.

SPORTS3 – New blood for old robots

SPORTS3 is a user friendly software package enhancing the user friendliness and safety of ABB S3 robot systems. SPORTS3 offers offline programming, multi-robot control and backup functionality directly from a standard personal computer with MS Windows. In other words; SPORTS3 provides today�s functionality even for your old S3-robot!

Structured off-line programming

SPORTS3 organizes complete packages containing robot program, registers and parameters. These packages and projects are normally related to different applications and are stored on the personal computer under comprehensive names. Thus, switching to a new application is simply done by uploading a new project to the robot. Combining SPORTS3�s project structure with SPORTS3�s off-line programming functionality, safe and rapid change and set up of the robot are ensured.

Structured factory control

SPORTS3 has the ability to control multiple robots. Simply use the menu to create the connections to the different robots in your factory. SPORTS3 views a list of all the robots where the active robot can easily be selected. SPORTS3can also be accessed via internet using a remote computer. This enables the possibility for remote controlling and monitoring of your robots e.g.. from your home computer hence simplifying 24 hours continuous production.

Structured disaster recovery

Why administrate diskettes with backups of your robot programs and system configuration? Why lose sleep over the fear of your diskette crashing? And why hunt high and low for old 720kb diskettes? SPORTS3 includes facilities both for complete system backup and backup of selected components. Recurrent backups can be run automatically. The backup files or components stored on the PC can easily be uploaded to the robot by SPORTS3�s restore functionality.

Structured HELP

SPORTS3 offers comprehensive help for installing and using the software. In addition, syntax of the ARLA language plus a complete overview of the error messages from the S3 controller are included saving you from carrying heavy paper manuals.

A scalable solution

SPORTS3 is a scalable concept available in three versions; SPORTS3 Demo is a free demo version for evaluation of the software. The serial port interface is closed, limiting SPORTS3 Demo to offline use. SPORTS3 Backup contains the functionality for full and partly (selectable) backup of the S3 robot system including recurrent backups. SPORTS3 includes all the off-line functionality, syntax check and file editing in addition to the backup functionality.

Struggling with quaternions?

SPORTOrientExpress is a userfriendly tool for doing calculations between ISO angles, Euler angles, quaternions and matrices. It includes predefined views for ABB S3 and S4 robots and is a MUST when editing ARLA- or RAPID programs. There is a free demo version for evaluation of the software.

orkspace 5� opens up an entirely new window on the world of robot simulation and off-line programming – that offers accuracy, compatibility and customizability regardless of what major manufacturers’ robot you’re using. Workspace 5� can help you visualize your complex robotic processes quickly and easily before you reach the production stage. Here is just a sample of the power that Workspace 5� can bring to your desktop, whether you use Windows 98 or NT.

Workspace5 benefits

Prevent Costly Equipment Damage with the Collision Detection Feature

Identify interferences and potential collisions between components in your automation cell before they get built on the floor. Once built, collision detection can be used to determine if the off-line program you are making needs to be corrected before being put into production on the floor.

Save Programming Time and Improve Path Accuracy with the Automatic Path Feature

With the Collision Detection Feature Identify interferences and potential collisions between components in your automation cell before they get built on the floor. Once built, collision detection can be used to determine if the off-line program you are making needs to be corrected before being put into production on the floor. This new feature makes path creation on very complex surfaces easy. A wizard-like dialog box guides you through the simple process of automatically creating a robot path. Once the path is created, it can be simulated or used to generate a native language robot program which can be downloaded to the robot.

Eliminate Redundant Engineering with CAD Functionality

Workspace 5� uses the same ACIS graphics kernel as AutoCAD making import of existing CAD files a snap. Parts, fixtures, tools, and equipment can be brought into Workspace 5� and used in simulations. With the CAD functionality that comes standard with Workspace 5�, you can even modify existing files or create new objects without costly add-on software modules.

Optimize Work cell Layout using the Reach Checking Feature

Workspace 5� has hundreds of different robot models to choose from. To help the user in part placement (or robot placement) we provide tools that graphically display the robot envelope and show teach points in red (for not reachable) or green (for reachable). Equipment can be rearranged as necessary prior to design and build, to optimize physical layouts and avoid costly rework.

Workspace5 Course

Do you need a more efficient use of your robot systems?

Do you need a tool for testing your new robot applications without interrupting the production?

PPM AS has specialized on developing robot systems for small-series production. One of our most important tools is Workspace5, a simulation software package for PC.


We are now offering courses to demonstrate the possibilities and advantages of this powerful software.

The course will cover the following areas:

  • Robot cell development.
  • Robot programming.
  • Optimizing robot programs.

All these tasks will be achieved using Worksace5. If you have certain problems that you need to address, we are willing to do small case studies during the course.

Each participant will have access to a PC with Workspace5 for exercise use.

Contact person at PPM AS: Per Kristian Sann�s,

tel. 73 96 50 51, mobile 930 22 586

Feasability study � getting your projects on tracks from DAY ONE!

Are you planning to increase the productivity in your company by investing in new manufacturing equipment, provide an analysis of the payback, risk and technology before effectuating the investment.


PPM’s feasability analysis contains investigation of technological solution, profitability and risk thus, offering a good foundation for decision making. The feasability analysis is intended to give the company:

  • Reduced risk for making unprofitable investments
  • Increased competence being able to achieve good deals with the vendors when buying the equipment
  • Development of your organisation to be prepared for utilizing the new equipment

PPM holds:

  • High competence within both robot technology, profitability- and risk analysis
  • Experienced management for going through feasability analysis
  • Network to actual vendors of equipment and system solutions
  • Network to R & D institutes with expertise within several areas

The duration of a feasability study is from one week to three months dependent on the complexity and risk of the task. Normally, the cost for the feasability study is 5-10% of the cost of the total investment.

On the other hand, the feasability study will provide a lot of knowledge into the project already at an early stage, reducing trials and errors, the total development time and of course, the total costs of your robot system.

PPM gives you advice when you stand firm!

PPM has both long experience and high formal qualifications with projects for international companies. Through this, we have developed a substantial platform within robotics and automation.


PPM holds

  • High competence within a range of robot applications
  • Special competence on adaptive robot solutions with external sensors
  • Network to R & D institutes with expertise within several areas

PPM offers

  • Establishment of expert team together with the people from the customer’s company
  • Modern methodology and organization of the work
  • Laboratory to test and verify new or improved solutions
  • A creative and inspiring working environment

And last, but not least, the solutions are developed fast and cost efficient.




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