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EU RTDPI informative seminar and workshop about Horizon 2020

EU RTDPI informative seminar and workshop about Horizon 2020

Project funded by the EU RTDPI has enabled seminar and workshop on the Horizon 2020 project. The workshop was held on 13 and 14 May 2014 at the premises of the University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Political Science in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Project Horizon 2020 is a framework program for research and innovation for the period 2014 to 2020, initiated by the European Union. The project has about 80 billion euros of grants available for research and innovation, the Member States and candidate countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Banja Luka, 13 May / ATA / – Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska Jasmin Komić said the program for research and innovation “Horizon 2020″ worth about 80 billion euros , should lead to increased competitiveness , commercialization of knowledge , employment and economic development and society as a whole .

Komic before the start of the third educational conference ” What ` Horizon 2020 ` can offer businesses and Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina? ” told reporters that such meetings allow a greater number of researchers and entrepreneurs to participate in this program .

” This is a fight for our participation in the European Research Area , and access to these funds , which are very respectable and should ensure that these activities are stimulated in this way ,” said Komic .
Vice-Rector of the University of Banja Luka for Science, Research and Development Milan Mataruga said ” Horizon 2020 ” , in contrast to the previous framework programs that are more focused towards science , insisted by those who implement projects to their ultimate results of the application are directly in the economy .
He said that , in addition to scientific and research institutes and universities have the opportunity to participate and commercial companies , noting that to obtain the funds necessary to have good teams , ideas , projects, and follow the procedures of the EU.
Representative of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Dina Culahović reminded that the program ” Horizon 2020 ” began in January and will last for seven years, and will connect the local economy with research institutions in Western Europe .
” They’re supposed to make a big step forward as far as research and increasing economic contributions and other entities connectivity ,” said Ćulahovic .
” Horizon 2020 ” expert Bosko Nektarijević said that so far the EU has not been much money for grants and non-repayable grants to be made ​​available to organizations and businesses .
Educational conferences have already been held in Mostar and Sarajevo, and Banja Luka today is the third in a row .
Nektarijevic said he would be held for at least three information sessions which will be followed by individual meetings with companies and work in small groups with those who will be judged to have potential and that they should be given maximum support .
The two-day conference in Banja Luka on potential program ” Horizon 2020 ” organized by the project ” Capacity Building in BiH in European programs and initiatives for research and technological development” , funded by the EU .
The conference is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbian and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Program for Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Information about Horizon 2020

What do EU research and innovation program can offer ?
————————————————– ——-
10:00 to 10:30 Registration of participants

10:30 to 10:50 Welcome and introduction

sir . Giulio Zanni , Head Office in Banja Luka , the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina NN . Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbian
sir . Ammar Miraščija , the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina


prof . Milan Mataruga , Vice-Rector for Science and Development

This section presented the Vice Chancellor of the University of Banja Luka , who welcomed the gathering , and that normally accompanies most meetings and projects that bring science and technology news at our University

10:50 to 11:05 Participation in Horizon 2020 – support provided by the EU project RTDPI

sir. Jurgen Henke, Team Leader



Detailed explanation of the manner of participation in the project has given Mr. Jurgen Henke, who introduced us to support the project RTDPI, which is basically designed to support those of us who are involved in the European project.

Some more pictures of the guests of the conference:


11:05 to 12:45 HORIZON 2020 – presentation; What’s in it for you?
Guidelines for access to the HORIZON program

Exceptional Professor Steve Quarrie was the star of this workshop. He explained to us how to write a project, how to read the project proposal and to ourselves that evalouiramo. It was extremely important for all of us, especially for younger colleagues, who first try to participate in such a project.



Prof. Steve Quarrie, HORIZON 2020 Advisor for proposals

13:45 to 14:15 Guidelines for participation in the EU COST program
Prof. Steve Quarrie, HORIZON 2020 Advisor for proposals
14:15 to 14:30 Coffee Break and Networking
14:30 to 15:15 Development of project proposals – What’s your proposal makes the best?

Exceptionally good young Boris Nektarijević introduced us to the development of the project proposal. It is obvious that your build visibility on the Internet, working on research papers, representing over various social networks and seeking partners in different ways. When you create your network of people with whom we can create projects, then we have a much better chance to do so.



Boris Nektarijević, HORIZON 2020 expert and trainer

That was the first day of the conference. I think I’ve given you a brief insight into the content of the conference. About the project can receive data at different sites. I will give you a website This is a remarkable site that helps organizations to access such a project.

And now some more pictures:

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