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Eurobot 2010

Eurobot is an amateur robotics contest open to groups of young people from around the world, organised in teams. These teams could be formed from students as part of their studies or as independent clubs or non-profit organizations.  A team must be made up of two or more active participants. Team members may be up to 30 years old, each team may have one supervisor for which this age limit does not apply.
Eurobot takes place in Europe, but is open to teams from other continents. Countries with more than three teams interested in participating must organise a national qualification in order to select the three teams which will participate to Eurobot finals. The selection will typically include the two best teams (in terms of competition score), but it is left to each national organisation committee to agree on a possible alternative to competition for
selecting its last team. For example, the third team can be chosen by a jury according to other qualities valued by the contest, such as: best concept, most creative, fair-play, etc.
Note that for countries failing to establish a national qualification event, but with more than 3 teams registered to Eurobot, the refereeing committee will accept only the three teams to the event, selecting based on the order of registration.
Eurobot Organization announced a task for the next contest called “feed the world.”. This year, robots are tasked to collect more food where it will be plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. On the table size (2.122x3m) can be seen a number of changes from the previous year that also hinder business. There are nine table settings that are pulled before the start of the match.

Elements of the game

  1. Vegetables that are located on the table are red balls, which are tomatoes,
  2. Grains that are stuck in the plane of the table are yellow cylinders, which are corn,
  3. Fruit on trees are orange balls, which are orange.

Every element that collects the different weights and this year’s scoring is done on the basis of that. Red ball which is a 150g tomatoes, corn and orange 250g 300g. For example, a corn and 1 orange 450g heavier and that is the same score.

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ABB IRB 2000

ABB IRB 2000 Robot Specifications

  • Axes: 6
  • Payload: 10 kg
  • H-Reach: 1542 mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.1 mm
  • Robot Mass: 350 kg

Ideal for various factory automation jobs, the flexible automation ABB IRB 2000 is a rugged, versatile robot that requires less routine maintenance with dexterity and speed.

The ABB IRB 2000 is designed for fast acceleration, deceleration and top-end-speed, with a slender arm that has a reach of more than 1.5m (5 ft) and up to 3m when mounted overhead allowing for a large working envelope. When track or pedestal mounted, the IRB 2000 can be utilized for production applications like palletizing. The IRB 2000 has 6 axes of movement, a handling capacity of 10kg (22 lbs), and when coupled with the AC servo-drive system it improves movement by up to 30 Percent.

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ABB IRB 6000

The ABB IRB 6000 allows customized configurations of the standard modular design that reduces the cost of set up, maintenance, parts, and training. With a 120kg (265 lbs) handling capacity and 2.4m (94 in) reach, the IRB 6000 will cover an assortment of application requirements. Handling capacity can be increased to 150kg (330 lbs) with another wrist and the IRB 6000 offers different versions for single point welding and press tending applications.

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Development of a new intelligent robot vehicle

Companies Toyota and Sony, two Japanese company best known for using new technologies, have announced a joint operation in the field of robotics – the development of new, “intelligent” vehicle with one seat. “By Sony technologies, sold to Toyota earlier this year, refers to the next generation” transporter, “said the two companies. Financial details of the contract are not known. Seven researchers “Sonny” temporarily engaged in Tojotinoj “branch for development of robotics to assist in the process of transferring technology,” Toyota. ” Toyota has already been shown at several fairs vehicle with one seat futuristic look, called “Ai-swing” (I-swing). The Japanese company, which is already on track to surpass the U.S. this year, General Motors, the number of vehicles produced, also presented a people-robots that can navigate and play the trumpet. “Toyota” individual vehicle “Ai-swing” (pictured), the combination of the contemporary mechanics and Artificial Intelligence, remembers his driver habits and adjusts to them. At low speed ranges upright on two wheels, and the larger the down and relying on the third wheel.Toyota has introduced new guidelines in its showroom at headquarters in Tokyo – a woman-robot on wheels, called TPR-Robina, own production. Female robot can handle obstacles, to sign, to keep a simple conversation in Japanese and to provide rauzličita information, said the car manufacturer brands “kamri”, “Lexus” and “koro.” “Sonny” was last year lifted its development program for a robot dog named Aibo in the project restructuring, zvog bad financial results. The decision disappointed many fans of robot-pet, as the “Sony” sold about 150,000 of these toys since 1999. year. Robot-dog was able to move, to “see” the environment through the camera and to recognize spoken commands.

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